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Below you will find the most important projects that the team is working on currently. Join our team and discover a challenging and rewarding path. Help us make a difference in the treasure hunting community today.



“I’m going to speak frankly.” 


I have been treasure hunting for over 20 years now and I think awareness and education is key.  I have seen many things in my life, and I’m not sure who’s running everything, but I want to help regulate and make a difference. 


Lost history is too important to have it miscalculated and misleading. I have seen ancient sites and artifacts destroyed by the general public. I have seen our own government and its organizations hide history from the public. I have heard people talk about treasure hunting like it’s grave robbing.


In my opinion, this is because of the lack of balance. How can we have historical balance if no one fully understands the behind-the-scenes of discoveries? The law states that you can’t take or handle artifacts unless it’s on private land. When officials are contacted, the site gets covered up and the artifacts are taken so no one can see them. 


Treasure hunters are afraid to report the findings because they will not receive a finder's fee and the credit for finding it. Our government will put you in federal prison if you do not turn in your discoveries. 


How does this work properly? 


It doesn’t! Historical sites are buried with dirt, and history is once again lost when discoveries are turned over to officials. 


I want to make a difference. Some countries around the world allow the people to hunt for treasures and lost history and promote finders fees to the lucky people who find lost history. In fact, in some countries, 80% of the discoveries are made by the public. The hunter gets their payout for finding it and gets the credit too. The archaeologists and anthropologists in those countries get to study the lost history and everyone is happy. 


I want to work with both sides of this situation. I want to help. Someone has to because history is too important to go unstudied. 


I believe that our government and treasure hunters could work together. I think it would benefit all of the above. 


I am going to help everyone by creating awareness and education through my websites, social media, and filming production. This is a great way to start the movement. 


Join me and my team as we make discoveries and work nicely with everyone (both sides). ~ Timothy Draper, Expert Historical Treasure Hunter and Researcher

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