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How Much Does It Cost To Go To Ucla Per Semester

If you are Not a bonafide resident of California, you should Plan on spending (on average) close to $70,000 per year to attend UCLA as an undergraduate student. If you are a true resident of California, then it will be roughly Half of that $37,000 per year. {Add in a little extra for miscellaneous costs and increasing costs per year (inflation)} Net Cost Calculator Use one of our net cost calculators to find an estimate of your financial aid before you apply. Keep in mind that the more accurate the information you supply, the more accurate your estimate will be. April 22.

June 21–September 11. Fall 2022. July 22. September 19–December 11. *Study Abroad at UCLA offers UCLA Extension courses all 4 quarters and UCLA courses only in fall, winter, and spring. If you want to enroll in UCLA courses for summer quarter, apply directly to UCLA Summer Sessions. Fees. Fee.