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Uncharted Expedition is changing the world of lost history and treasures.

Uncharted Expedition was created for the sole purpose of producing and filming real-life treasure hunting journals. It's a Treasures in America production company based out of Utah. 

Several experts in their field decided to join up and create an elite team. Uncharted Expedition films and creates videos, articles, podcasts, and more to inform the public of lost history and treasure sites. 

This team is always on the move to new discoveries and the camera crews are following them around as they investigate legends and mysteries around America. 


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Meet The Treasure Hunting Team


Timothy Draper

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Expert Treasure Hunter


Shaun Fotheringham

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Team Climber


Todd Andersen

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Miner & Prospector

Marc Hoover

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Detectorist & Diver


Antonio Mendez

  • Antonio Mendez

Digger & Interpreter


Josh Blodgett

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Production Manager

Chuchie Zitting

Head Videographer

In Memory of

Steve Shaffer



All you need is the right information to make a great discovery of the 21st century. We have the connections, equipment, and knowledge to leave our name on the map. 

Uncharted Expedition will bring lost information and history to light by documenting and filming our expeditions in America. 

documenting treasure hunts for televisions and tv shows


The Uncharted Expedition team operates on real expeditions after lost mines, treasures, lost cities, and more. This team was born, for one thing, success in the field. 


Uncharted Expedition has well over 30 years of research and chasing after lost history. Real discoveries are made every day and we have devoted our research to bring lost history to the public. 

treasure hunting and metal detecting for treasures


Follow along and become a great adventurer! Browse our websites and social media to learn more. Uncharted Expedition is a Treasures in America production company. 


Treasure Hunting TV Shows & Production

In 2015, Timothy C. Draper dreamed of an idea that would change the world of treasure hunting. His dream was to bring real discoveries and evidence to the public. 

After several years of television networks and directors looking to Timothy for advice and even appearances on known TV channels, Timothy decided that it was time for him to publicly come forward with his experiences and knowledge.

By 2018, Treasures in America was his first company and it is now known as one of the best websites and retail online stores to buy treasure hunting gear and equipment. All the best metal detectors, security and police detectors, underwater research equipment, and more can be found at Treasures in America

Within a year, Timothy started publishing articles and blogs on his new website. Stories and information of treasure discoveries, lost cities, Spanish mines, and buried treasures started to become very popular. Thousands of readers and followers started to use his website. 



In 2016, Timothy started to scout out team members. His plan was to create an elite desire for two things, adventure, and expeditions. For the next 3 years, he found prospects and motivated individuals that helped form into historical treasures hunters.


In the year 2019, Timothy and his team were known as one of the best treasure hunting teams in America. You often can find the team on their social media platforms including their Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Linkedin, and many more. 

After a few years of experience working together, they decided to create the well-known team called "Uncharted Expeditions". 


This highly motivated and veteran team is now focused on filming and documenting their journey into the wilderness hunting after things that shine and historical lost sites. These professional treasure hunters are the first of their kind to team up and document their discoveries. You won't want to miss their productions. 

You will be able to follow along on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and many other platforms. If you're interested in real treasure, real history, and real discoveries, Uncharted Expeditions is the team to follow. 


It's time for the gloves to come off! If I'm willing to change the world of treasure hunting, I need to be willing to put myself and my team out there in the public eyes. After working with directors and production companies, I'm hopeful that I can bring the Real-Life-Indiana-Jones lifestyle to light. 


I will show the world that treasure hunting is enough entertainment without spicing it up. No gimmicks, no deceptions. Uncharted Expedition is created by real treasure hunters, for treasure hunters and the audience that is intrigued by the lifestyle. 


Our viewers will be able to see the good times and the hard times of treasure hunting. We will not hold anything back! If you want adventure, you got it with Uncharted Expeditions. It's time to make history with lost and unknown history. 



- Timothy C. Draper ~ Professional Historical Treasure Hunter





Uncharted Expedition is a Treasures in America Production Company by the Treasures in America team and staff. 



Executive Producer: Treasures in America LLC


Executive Director: Timothy C. Draper

Director: Steve B. Shaffer

Production Manager: Josh Blodgett

Cast: Uncharted Expedition Team playing as themselves

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